Type 595 - Morse Taper Full Center
Carbide Tipped
  • Carbide tip brazed to hardened alloy steel body
  • Center precision ground to 60ยบ included angle
  • Center lip concentric to precision ground taper
  • Carbide tipped center holds point angle and overall concentricity so parts can be held securely and accurately for precision turning and grinding
  • When operating at high speed, carbide tipped center will not wear as rapidly avoiding burning or scoring of workpiece's center hole
Below is a list of standard Morse Centers offered by Hannibal Carbide Tool. If you do not see the Morse Centers you are looking for you can click here for our SPECIAL TOOL QUOTE REQUEST FORM and fax (573-221-1140) or email your request to Hannibal. Within 24 hours we will let you know how we can supply your Morse Centers. For technical assistance with your Centers please click here to fill out and submit our HANNIBAL TECHNICAL SUPPORT QUESTIONNAIRE.
Morse Taper Shank Dimensions Type 595

Carbide Diam. Length
Carbide Overall
5    5/  1/16  1/ 59505 $208.20
1    1/    7/16  5/16 59501 38.35
2    5/16    9/16  3/16 59502 45.65
3    1/    7/  1/ 59503 83.70
4    1/    7/  3/ 59504 127.25