• Metric diameter tool use increases - HANNIBAL expands listings of stocked standard metric drills, reamers, counterbores, and core drills
  • High speed steel reamer use decreases as end users convert to more cost effective HANNIBAL carbide tipped reamers - see "Cost Effective Reamer Selection" Guide
  • End users discover that HANNIBAL'S material specific tools increase performance dramatically with higher feeds & speeds, much longer tool life, and better finishes
  • Coolant fed tool use dramatically increases - HANNIBAL again expands stocked standard coolant fed drills, coolant fed reamers, and coolant fed end mills
  • "Cutting Feeds & Speeds" Chart reflects the further development of the acclaimed HANNIBAL Chip Classification System for more effective selection of cutting tools - also see comprehensive "Drill Point Selection" Guide and "Reamer Selection Based On Hole Condition" Guide
  • Solid carbide reamers and solid carbide head reamers with steel shanks have been added in the smaller size ranges and solid carbide reamers are also stocked in .0005 increments
  • As end users demand more technical support, HANNIBAL continues to expand its technical/engineering staff for field support and phone recommendations

a personal note...
The Hannibal Team is committed to offering creative solutions in response to the challenges of today's global manufacturing environment.

Together with our distributor partners, we continue to provide an effective Value-Added approach in working with end users to improve their performance.

Paul Enander